Sound and Vibration


More than 40 years experience in Noise and Vibration

Technical expertise, practical experience and passion for this job. This is a syntesis of the services.


Environmental Acoustics

Environmental assessment, Noise surveys, Simulations

Architectural Acoustic

Building design, Building services noise control, Room acoustics

Noise Control

Design and supply of Noise Barriers, Silencers, Acoustic chambers

Vibration Control

Vibration isolation of buildings, structures, machinery and plants vibration assessments from railways, traffic, construction activities

Noise and Vibration at Workplace

Study of the noise and vibration workers' exposure

Automotive N&V

Noise and vibration analysis on vehicles for passengers, goods and earth moving

Acoustic Properties of Materials

Advanced analysis of material properties

Special Surveys

Intensimetry, Holografy, Beamforming

We developed our proprietary systems which are available both for renting and purchase. Contact us.


SCS 9001

N&V Measurements Systems, Verification and Calibration

SCS 9002

On Line Production Quality Control and Quality Assurance

SCS 9003

Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

SCS 9004

Acoustic Power determination

SCS 9005

Vehicle Pass-By Noise certification and Cabin Noise

SCS 9010

Sound Quality & Diagnostics

We offer several testing activities in our anechoic and reverberant facilities in Torino. Contact us.


Sound Power determination using sound pressure level methods

Sound Power determination using sound intensity methods

Absorption of material using Impedance Kundt tube

Determination of the sound absorption of railway and road barriers, road asphalt

High intensity fatigue testing


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