A Try Out Proposal

Sound and Vibration

"ACOUSTIC IMAGES" - A Try out proposal

The incredible job which can be done with Noise Vision is something “must see” and the easiest way to do it is to contact us and book for a free demo on a real situation.

Discover all new features of the most avanced “Acoustic Images” device today available: Noise Visionfrom Nittobo Acoustic Engineer featuring a unique combination of advanced techniques as:

– Baffled sphere Beam Forming 

– NAH – Near Field Acoustic Holography as standard

– Speed/RPM synchronization and Order Tracking 

Noise and Vibration Technical Topics covered: 

 Transportation infrastructures

– Vehicles interiors and external

 Environment source location

 Building acoustic applications

Book for a DEMO for Real Measurement - for free:

By booking your own demo, you can ask for a Real Measurement in your facility – absolutely free. The proposal shall be accepted upon written request specifying details of application and time window need: maximum time allowed within promotional offer is normally 1/2 day.

Due to time availability, early booking is necessary at least 3 weeks in advance.
Please specify preferred date and time and testing object to NV2010@scs-controlsys.com


Don't you have a budget ?

we rent with or without expert assistance

would you consider operating rental?

We can also provide services ! Testing - Engineering - Troubleshooting - Simulation

Test on vehicles and components:

Dynos double rollers (diam 1.2m) and semi-anechoic chamber 7 x 5 x 5 m – Freq. Range 100 Hz – 20 kHz

Building Acoustics advanced diagnostic:

Test of real efficiency of buildings elements: partition, roof, doors, windows using ACosutic Holography and ACopsutic Beam-forming

Sound Quality testing:

Binaural Recording and Psycho-Acoustic analysis, Sound comparison and classification, Squeack and Rattling, standard instruments (Head Acoustic – Cortex – 01dB)