Sound and Vibration

ENVIRONMENT: Noise monitoring

More than 500 NMT (Noise Monitoring Stations) installed from year 2000 using Measurement Instrumetns from various Trade-marks (01dB, Norsonic).

NMT supplied to some Public Organizations customers: ARPA Toscana, ARPA Abruzzo, ARPA Lazio, ARPA Calabria, ARPA Campania, ARPA Sardegna, ARPA Lombardia, ARPA Veneto, ISPRA, ANAS,   etc.

Citynoise WEB-server system supplied to: ARPA Sardegna, MISANO World Circuit, ARPA Puglia, ARPA Calabria, ARPA Lazio, …..etc.

  • Sicilia Region: 50 stations spread on the territory,
  • Toscana Region: 10 stations,
  • Emilia-Romagna Region: Santa Monica motodrome: 4 stations plus Citynoise server,
  • National Road ANAS: 4 stations,
  • Roma townall: 8 stations plus Citynoise server,
  • National Highways AUTOSTRADE: 5 stations,
  • Calabria Region: 15 stations plus Citynoise server,
  • Abruzzo Region: 8 stations,
  • Veneto Region: 5 stations,
  • Sardegna Region: 5 stations plus Citynoise server

ENVIRONMENT: Some Noise study examples

ATER Belluno: acoustic environment, evaluating railway noise and road noise requirements determination
E.ON Italy – noise power of Mira (VE)
VENETIAN RESIDENCE: assignment for the determination of passive acoustic requirements of buildings.
TELECOM: Noise abatement air conditioning systems in telephone exchanges
Municipalities of the province of Belluno: Zoning acoustic
Porto Marghera: noise impact assessments and exposure to noise and mechanical vibration of workers
Italian Glass SIV S. Salvo (CH) – now Saint Gobain: Soundproofing production plants
ENEL: Silencers steam exhaust with high flow and high temperature to reduce the level of environmental noise from Power Plants
Plan noise impact of the highway west of Verona, prediction of sound levels and indication of possible corrective measures for the execution of the works in the trenches, in elevated noise barriers, etc..
SNAM: Determination of sound levels (noise climate) along the A1 Highway in the Milano-Bologna for the prediction of the acoustic impact of the high-speed train railways
FIAMM: Check with the emission limits of the establishment of Montecchio M.re (VI) in the surrounding areas
GE-Lighting: Check that the limits of the area of the plant Cavazzale (VI) as a result of a dispute with neighbors
Regional Authorities: Noise impact road with heavy traffic (Verona)
Survey acoustics for the detection and localization of a disturbing source in an urban context