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In this section you can download Data Sheets, Application Note, and Technical Articles relevant to SCS. Please note that some of the material in this section is protected by copyright, so you cannot publish it without written permission from SCS Controlsys.

Application Notes

  • Impulsive noise emitted by automotive climatic dumper actuators: a Quality Assurance application  Download
  • Gearbox noise emission in stationary conditions and Production Quality Assurance Download
  • Prediction of Cabin Noise inside passenger cars: the Airbone Noise Project Download
  • Advanced and Multiplatforms Software Packages for Acoustic Power Determination according to International Standards Download
  • SCS 9001 N & V Measurements Systems verification Download
  • SCS 9002 On Line Production Quality Control and Quality Assurance Download
  • SCS 9003 Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems Download
  • SCS 9004 Acoustic Power determination Download
  • SCS 9005 Vehicle Pass-By Noise certification and Cabin Noise Download
  • SCS 902a Acoustic Material characteristics determination Download
  • SCS 99010 Noise and Vibration Diagnostic Download

Technical articles

  • Noise and vibration simulation using SEA: Material Database construction technologies Download