Sound and Vibration

Environment for living and working

The products marketed are basically dedicated to the environment of life and work, covering aspects related to noise, vibration and air pollution. There are both branded products and systems developed in-house.

From the classic hand-held instruments for Noise measurement and acoustic analyzes, to digital recorders, to vibrometers and stations for cities and airports.

SCS9077 stations monitor the noise and many other environmental parameters thanks to twenty years of SCS experience and implementation of the latest technologies: RISC processors with low-power offering unique performance in measurement, storage, data trasmission, remote control.

The WEB-Based “CityNoise (TM)” has evolved with the addition of several features including the presentation of the geographical locations of measurement, automatically represented with GPS tracking, and transfer in “cloud” applications and data-base.

Users can benefits from a private and protected web space for all their measurement campaigns at a low price.

The prediction software is the result of thirty years of work by the Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd (PEMARD) and provide a methodology scientifically based, developed for precision calculatiion with a particularly low price.

The computational library of acoustic (supplied as .Net) is available for implementing custom applications very quickly in the most varied field of acoustics.


  • Airport noise,
  • Building acoustics,
  • Room acoustics,
  • Data recording and analysis,
  • Noise Control and Reduction,
  • Calculation and Mapping,
  • Noise Monitoring,
  • Noise Assessment,
  • Industrial Noise,
  • Transportation Noise,
  • Sound Scape,
  • Antropic and Recreational Noise,
  • Building and Ground Vibration

Standard Products


  • RION Sound Level Meters,
  • RION Vibration Meters,
  • Rion Digital Recorders
  • OTL Terrain Prediction Software,
  • SCS9077 Noise Monitoring Stations,
  • SCS9073 Vibration Monitor
  • SCS9010 Binaural Field Recording