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Sound and Vibration

LEA: the Sound Lab for the Industry

The signal analysis, sound design and psychoacoustics software package for acousticians. 

Boost your sound design with a time-frequency sculpting tool. LEA’s graphic representations provide you with simple but powerful tools for altering sound characteristics with just a click.

A full suite of analysis tools…LEA is built with ground-breaking algorithms developed in partnership with the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). It is the leading tool for analysis of physical sound characteristics.

… focusing on auditory perception. With LEA, play back the sound you are working on in 3D, at any stage in the process, and calculate its psychoacoustic parameters.

The gate to unique applications. LEA gives access to 2 major automobile oriented software packages:

ASD Designer: to design engine sound and generate additional sound using the audio system of the vehicle

geneCARS: interactive sound simulator for Driving Simulators, for human factor studies as well as NVH purposes



Documents LEA software

Technical Papers and Projects

geneCARS  real-time audio synthesis

SNCF simulator – Soundscape Design ODAS

Audio simulator SHERPA – PSA

​Helicopter sound environment simulator

Objectivisation of car suspensions rattle noise

Dynamic Simulator CARDS2 – Renault

Dynamic Simulator  ULTIMATE – Renault

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LEA Software

geneCARS Sound Simulator

geneVR, 3D audio sofwtare for virtual reality applications

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Brochure of Yokohama Institute of Acoustics, Inc., GENESIS partner in Japan

Registered Access 

geneCOPTER, 3D audio for helicopter simulators
» geneCOPTER Product Documentation

Case studies and references
» Audio simulator SHERPA » Soundscape design tool for SNCF simulator » Helicopter sound environment simulator

» ICAD 2007 : Spatial Audio Quality Evaluation – Comparing Transaural, Ambisonics And Stereo

LEA Case studies
» Noise source identification

» ICAD 2007 : Spatial Audio Quality Evaluation – Comparing Transaural, Ambisonics And Stereo

LEA Case studies
» Noise source identification

» ACOUSTICS’08 : A Model For Predicting Rattle Noise Subjective Rating – in partnership with RENAULT » DSC 2009 : High Fidelity Sound Rendering For Car Simulators » Automobile Comfort Conference Le Mans 2008 – Transaural Audio Systems For Psychoacoustics Tests In The Car Industry » Automobile Comfort Conference Le Mans 2006 – Loudspeaker Simulation of Sound Environnements For The Car Industry » French Congress of Acoustics 2010 – Audio Component Impulsive Noise Audibility Indicator » Internoise 2012 – Process for Car Engine Sound Design

Scientific Partners

LMA-CNRS: Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique du CNRS – Marsiglia – (http://www.lma.cnrs-mrs.fr)

LATP-CNRS: Laboratoire d’Analyse, Topologie, Probabilités du CNRS – Marsiglia (http://www.latp.univ-mrs.fr)

IRCAM: Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique, Musique – Parigi – (http://www.ircam.fr/)

LABS ORANGE (ex France Télécom R & S) – Lannion – (http://www.francetelecom.com/)