Main Topics

Sound and Vibration

Web Based Monitoring and Analysis of Noise, Vibration, Air Pollution

(NVH) of road-vehicles and others transportation systems

Noise and Vibration of transportation infrastructures

Analysis and data understanding for Noise and Vibration

N&V Certification and control in industrial, civil and environment area

Proprietary Specific systems SCS 900x series for Certification, Quality Control on Production Lines, Web Monitoring, Sound Power, Pass-by Nosie Test, Acoustic Materials testing: elastic and poro-acoustic properties, Binaural recording, …

Material Testing

The most complete suite of testing device toay available for measuring poro-acoustic and poro-elastic properties of Acoustic materials


Calculation for acoustic and vibration simulation, prediction, diagnostic, further for development of specific software, noise assesment and noise reduction . Sound Design, Transfer Path Analysis, Modal Analyis, Sound Quality, Flow-pipes simulation, SEA simulation.