Aero Noise

Sound and Vibration

AeroNetwork – NMT station main features

  • NMT fixed or mounted on vehicles (car, trolley) or mobile
  • IP65 NMT with automatic regulation of internal environmental conditions
  • NMT suitable to be equipped with one of the major international acoustic equipments manufacturer (Larson & Davis, Bruel & Kjaer, 01dB, Sinus)
  • NMT equipped with high performance, low consumption industrial pc offering :
    • Reliability : high capacity of storing data
    • Flexibility : high performance application software (SARA_MM) mounted on the pc
    • Audio and video management
    • Weather sensors
    • Real time audio and video management

Choice of several kind of Fixed, Long-term, Mobile, Semi-permanent, Portable NMT stations

AeroNetwork – Sara: Software main features

  • SARA is a software product planned and realized specifically for airport noise monitoring systems
  • SARA is an open system which can be extended and configured up to 256 noise monitoring stations SARA is able to identify faults or intrusion from NMT
  • NMT can be connected via digital (ISDN, X-DSL), analog or wireless (GPRS, EDGE or UMTS) telephone lines or networks (WiFi)

SARA main functions:

  • NMT management (data download/upload, setup, time synchronization)
  • Flight operations management (radar tracks, flights schedule)
  • Acoustic events and radar tracks/flight operations correlation
  • Standard indexes calculation
  • Standard reports or end-user customized reports
  • GIS data presentation
  • Data validation
  • WEB interface
  • 2D and 3D radar tacks graphics interfaces, SID/STAR automatic definition
  • INM and CADNA models integration

SARA_MM main functions:

  • Data acquisition from noise equipment
  • Audio and video acquisition and control
  • Weather sensor data acquisition
  • Acoustic events definition (using levels, thresholds and spectrum)
  • Local storing of data


Airport Noise Monitoring System

SCS AeroNetwork

Airport Noise Monitoring System

Softech Sara

 dedicated software

SCS CityNoise

 dedicated software