Sound and Vibration

System SCS-9004-2013


EN 60804 class 1 precision, EN 61260 1/3 octave filters, ISO 3741, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – ISO 6393, 4, 5, 6

ISO 11094 – ISO 7779 – 2000/14/CE

Measurement methods:

SCAN using a Automatic PC COntrolled Multiplexer

PARALLEL using Multichannels Signal Analyers

Additonal parameters recording

  • Meteo data,
  • RPM wit/out wireless trasfer from the test object,
  • Speed and Position of the moving vehicle (tracking),
  • Sound Pressure Level Lp at ear driver
  • Wireless LAN for single user

Hardware supported:

  • Sound Level MEters and Real Time Analyzers with Digital interface (documented)
  • DAQ Real Time Analyzers and Front-end from ECON Avant
  • MESA Mux 10A Multiplexer
  • DAQ from Data Translation DT9837A

Software SCS-9004

The software of the system SCS 9004 and his wizard, are specially developed to help user to perform in the most simple and immediate way the entire process of determining the acoustic power.

The results are automatically made available as overall values ​​in the table or spectra, or in an internal data base. The software SCS 8400 is a “state of art” that supports all relevant standards ISO 374x, 639x ISO 2000/14/EC, ISO 7779 etc..

Potenza acustica ISO 374x