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G.Amadasi – P.Giacomin – G.Cappellini – S.Milani – P.Fornaciari

Giovanni (Gianni) AMADASI

 Gianni profile ​Tech Dir. and Sales Manager

Industrial and Environmental Physics

Via Antoniana, 278  35011 CAMPODARSEGO (PD)

Tel +39 049 5566 540  / Mob +39 348 233 6247

Member of the College of Industrial Engineers and Graduates of Padova  Italy

Level I Certification CCPND for acoustical measurements

Acoustics engineer competent in the Veneto Region  Italy

IEEE member  SAE member

2011 present:

Founder and Technical Director of Vibro-Acoustic LTD – Italy

President and CEO of SCS Controls & Systems LTD and SCS – Euroacoustic LTD

Since 1988 he is also active as a professional ( enrolled in the College of Industrial Engineers and Graduates of the Prov of Padova) for various projects related to acoustics and vibrations in the environmental and industrial , besides being often teaching several technical seminars on the problems of measurement and assessment of environmental noise, and speaker in the main specific conferences (AIA , dBA , ICSV, Internoise , etc. )

Since 2006 he was appointed Chief of the Laboratory of Acoustics and Vibration of Euroacoustic Avigliana Italy (now SCS-Euroacoustic), specialized in acoustics and vibrations for means of transport. 


In 1997 he founded the Italian 01dB branch together with the 01dB based in Lyon (France), and assume the position of CEO; 01dB Italy was responsible for marketing and technical support of 01dB instruments

Among others tasks: to participate in strategic marketing committee of the French group 01dBMetravib  for the development of new instruments for measuring environmental noise and continuous monitoring; consultant to the 01dB Metravib (France) for the development and international marketing


In SCS Controls and Systems was responsible for developing Marketing and sales of instrumentation for measuring sound and vibration ( 01dB , Rion , Norsonic ),  software applications for the prediction of noise in confined and open spaces ( Epidaure , ENM , Mithra ), and special systems dedicated to various types of measurement in the field of Physics, Acoustics and Vibration, Devices to control and to monitor noise for towns of Padua and Livorno, in the region of Calabria, for the provinces of Milan and Vicenza , etc

He also perform as Advisor for the use of software for the prediction of environmental impact


Bruel & Kjaer Italia srl with Italian prosecutor in charge of the Branch for the NorthEast regions

In 1985 he participated as a member of the founding capital of the SCS Controls and Systems LTD for

consultancy in the field of acoustics and vibration , and became AD in 1988 , obtaining

a consulting contract for the construction of a NVH laboratory dedicated to the reduction of noise and vibration on motor vehicles, upon mandate from Ovatex spa Carmignano

He also continues to play in parallel support activities for Bruel & Kjaer Italia conducting courses, seminars and various marketing activities


Bruel & Kjaer of Denmark Naerum with the task of preparing the manuals and documentation in Italian language, and provide assistance to the Italian branch of the same company


Pirelli company in the Diversified Products Division SDI ( Systems Soundproofing SpA) with a mandate to be responsible for the special soundproofing high technological content; during this period of collaboration with Pirelli has followed an internship Physics acoustic  training with the Company Bolt Beranek and Newman in Cambridge Boston (USA) and a course of Acoustical physics at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Former STOPSON SpA – Ialy (now IAC group) with the task of technical noise control in the environmental , civil and industrial , during the period he worked as the manager of various projects for Soundproofing concerned both the protection of workers and the noise pollution environmental and during the period he gained significant experience in the design of systems for silencing fluidair devices as pneumatic machines , air compressors , atmospheric discharge of high pressure vessels, etc


· Soundproofing production facilities of the Italian Society of Glass SIV S Salvo ( CH)  now Saint Gobain

· Mufflers exhaust steam with high flow rates and high temperatures for ENEL to reduce the level environmental noise from Power Plants

· Soundproofing System for Gas Turbine Nuovo Pignone for environmental noise in the field of low frequencies

· Soundproofing engine test rooms for LR Lombardy on emission limits for the boundary wall Finmeccanica Saronno

· Soundproofing machinery for Thermal power plants of ENEL Ostiglia (MN) , Turbigo (NO), Priolo (SR) , Monfalcone ( TS) ,

· Soundproofing specific furnaces and various machinery for Oil Refineries : AGIP Sannazzaro (PV), Sarpom Trecate (NO)

· Soundproofing production departments in the complexes Pharmaceuticals Boehringer (AR)

· Verification of noise pollution and design of remediation for the establishment GE Lighting (VI)

· Plan of acoustic impact of the highway west of Verona , prediction of sound levels and indication of the possible corrective measures for the execution of the works in the trenches, in elevated noise barriers , etc

· Determination on behalf SNAM Progetti sound levels ( noise climate ) present along Highway 1 in the Milan  Bologna for the prediction of the acoustic impact of the high speed

· Verification of the emission limits of the plant FIAMM Montecchio Mre (VI ) in the areas surrounding

· Verification of compliance with the limits of the area of the establishment of GE Lighting Cavazzale (VI) as a result of

dispute with neighbors

· Complete development of a motor vehicle under the aspect IVECO Noise and Vibration

· Full of Sound and Vibration Testing for the development of vehicles Chroma FIAT Doblò

· Several collaborations with Fiat Group , Ferrari , CNH problems of noise and vibration on cars, diagnostic solutions , both for interior noise for both external noise , including psycho acoustic

· Several collaborations with ALSTOM Group ( Italy / France) for problems of noise and vibration on urban and suburban trains AV solutions for diagnostics and interior noise and external noise

· Carrying out projects vibroacoustic vehicles in Iran , Korea , CHINA

· Use and validation of methods for the assessment of noise tires on the road and on the bench with methodologies passby , CPX , beamforming , Acoustic Holography

· Execution of various projects of vibroacoustic on large cruise ships ( FINCANTIERI ) for the 



– Characterization of the properties of the pore  elastic materials for the reduction of noise and vibration , sound absorption , impedance, isolation , elastic modulus and damping loss factor, etc

· Evaluation and analysis of noise emissions from motor vehicles

· Monitor system of environmental noise with remote control stations via radio connections and Internet use

· Various consultations in regard to the noise of vehicles , noise environmental noise impact predictions , recovery plans , soundproofing and civil industrial , systems design of noise reduction , etc



· Measurement , analysis and interpretation of data from environmental noise and vibration

· Noise and vibration of motor vehicles and means of transport, transportation infrastructure

· Systems soundproofing industrial, civil and environmental

· Calculations of acoustic and vibration software application development

· Zoning and environmental remediation plans for the noise

· Design of acoustic barriers , mufflers , anechoic chambers and Reverberation

· Coordination of complex projects


Main Instrumentation and software which has the ability to use :

BK Hardware Measurement Instruments

01dB Hardware and Software : Measurement and Analysis

CadnaA Prediciton software

Head Acoustic Artemis : Analysis and Psycho acoustics

AutoSEA : Vibro acoustic modeling

ME-Scope : Modal Analysis

DataPhysics : Measurement , Analysis and Vibration Controller

Noise Vision: beamforming

Matelys Alphacell, Rockcell, Material parameters predictions

CAE Noise inspector for acoustic images

DISTRAN High Speed and Real Time acoustic camera

OTL Terrain: Prediction software



Public Organizations for Environmental Control

· ARPA Toscana, · ARPA Lazio, · ARPA Veneto, · ISPRA  Rome, · ARPA Calabria, · ANAS, · RFI

Private companies

· Carraro axles Campodarsego, · Electrolux Porcia, · Fincantieri in Trieste, · FIAMM Montecchio VI, · Lear Co  US, · Ovatex Carmignano VI, · ALSTOM, · Fiat ,  Ferrari,  CNH, · Italdesign Giugiaro, · BMW, · Volkswagen Audi, · Iran Khodro, · Geely, · FAW, · Aermec, · Tricom ( DeLonghi ), · Mahindra, · AutoVaz


Universities collaboration

· University of Trieste  Naval Engineering

· University of Ferrara  Engineering

· University of Padua  Engineering

· Turin Polytechnic  Engineering

· Bejing University Lab 703

· Technical University KL


· Design and implementation of NVH laboratories Carraro , Ovatex , Euroacoustic )

· Various expertise on mechanical transmissions ( Carraro , ZF )

· Acoustic design of commercial vehicles (Iveco , IRAN KHODRO )

· SEA Acoustic Modeling ( Lear, Aermec, FIAT, IRAN KHODRO )

· Identification of the sound sources by means of acoustic holography ( Ovatex  Fiat )

· Perception of sound in the cockpit of supercars  (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley )

· Noise tires and exhaust , vibrational comfort ( Pirelli, Bridgestone, Ovatex , Lear , Flexider )

· Sound quality exhaust systems ( Marelli )

· Research on the properties of acoustic materials ( Ovatex )

· Damping of acoustic materials for shipbuilding ( Fincantieri )

· Torsional vibrations of shafts (ZF )

· Noise reduction in mechanical transmissions ( Carraro )

· Noise leverage changes (Fiat )

· Correction of errors on the gears ( Samputensili )

· Characterization acoustic electric hoist ( Carraro )

· Determination of the defects of the fuel pumps ( Riello )

· Structural analysis of gravitational transducers (CERN Geneve )

· Structural damage tracks ( railways Suzzara , ATM Turin , FS)

· Study of environmental noise impact due to tunnel citizen (FS)

· Sound emission high speed train tunnel entrance

· Noise reduction of transit vehicles Metropolitana Milanese

· Verification of civil foundations and testing of highway bridges ( SICEC )

· Study of the noise pass by ( Liebao CHANGFEN )

· Study of cabin noise ( Zhejiang Geely )

· Study on acoustic comfort (Nanjing Fiat Nanya )

· Impact acoustic road with heavy traffic (Verona )

· Sound proofing external noise tractors  Agritalia

· Sound proofing earthmoving machinery  Wheeler

· Soundproofing cab tractors  SAME

· Soundproofing crystal factory production vehicles  SIVs ( Saint Gobain )

· Studio noise reduction automobile manufacturing plant changes

· Mufflers exhaust steam of thermal power station

· Mufflers centrifugal fans

· Mufflers resonance for marine diesel engines

· Noise reduction transformers power plants

· Study group soundproofing gas turbine 90 MW

· Study of solutions for damping the vibrations of the pod of a cruise ship

· Soundproofing conditioning chillers  KKK Aermec

· Determination of the noise intensity measurements

· SEA acoustic modeling of a dishwasher and prediction of the effectiveness of the materials on noise reduction  Electrolux

· Survey acoustics for the detection and localization of a disturbing source in an urban context

· Noise reduction of a circular saw for stone materials

· Survey on the correlation between the noise and the road pavement of a city tram

· Identification of gaps in support of Venetian mosaics and frescoes by the acoustic analysis

· Study induced vibration on drivers of vehicles

· Measurement of the torsional vibration of shafts of marine engines

· Analysis of crunches in the passenger compartment of a vehicle


· Training ZF Italy for acoustic and vibrational analysis of mechanical transmissions

· Course on exposure and acoustic reclamation of the workplace in partnership with ASL Modena

· Training Course on International UNUS motors for car  Venice

· Course of binaural sound analysis and psycho acoustics  Turin 1993

· Course acoustic power  Italy -tour 1998

· Course in Noise Control Italy -tour 1999

· Course Sound Intensity  Italy -tour 2000

· Course Sound insulation  Italy -tour 2001

· Course vibration  Italy -tour 2001

· Course Material for absorption and sound isolation  Italy -tour 2002

· Course on the damping of vibrations  Italy -tour 2002

· A different approach to the monitoring and control of environmental noise in the light of new European regulations ; integration between methods of measurement and forecasting models  itinerant Italian 2004

· Mode of operation of data networks and wireless transmission techniques  itinerant Italy 2006

· The traditional methodology of environmental noise monitoring and the evolution towards networks Monitoring  touring Italy in 2006

· The development of predictive models and its application in urban areas and infrastructure transport traveling Italy 2006

· Automatic recognition of the sources with Artificial Intelligence techniques  itinerant Italy 2008

· Integration between measured data and predictive models of evolution  touring Italy in 2008

· Diagnostic techniques for the identification of sounds with binaural recording and analysis psychoacoustic

· Acoustic measurements in the building : insulation , absorption, dynamic stiffness  itinerant Italian


· AIA 2010 Syracuse  – Analysis of sound propagation in an introductory underground

· AIA 2010 Syracuse  – Automatic identification of sound sources

· ISVR Korea 2009  – Determination of pore  pore acoustic and elastic materials

· ISVR Korea 2009  – Environmental noise monitoring via the WEB

· Univ Trieste 2009  – Simulation and testing of seismic events using shaking tables

· InterNoise 2009 Shanghai – Material testing for poro-acoustic charactersitics

· Internoise Avignon 1988  – Sound Intensity measurements at very low frequencies

· Nova Gorica 2010  New technologies in acoustic  University of Ljubljana

· Acoustic Euroregio European conference 2010  Pictures by acoustic methodology beamforming

· Turin 2010  Noise and vibration on Wind Turbine Generators

· The noise disturbance, prediction and measurement of noise coming from the local public entertainment

· Euronoise 2003 Naples  The measure acoustics with the PC  1990

· Milan 2004  Public places of entertainment music  2004

· Techniques of experimental determination of the parameters for the characterization of porous materials : impedance , absorption, resistance to the flow



· Elements of general notions of acoustics  – Document 20 pages of basic acoustic physics

· RealTime Spectrum Analyzers  – Document the inherent realtime analyzers

· The errors in the measurement of environmental noise  – Scientific Document on the errors of measurement

· Acoustic Fields : Introduction and Definitions

· Parameters of Physical Acoustics  Univ 2002

· History of evolutionary time periods Leq on short, medium and long : the objective choice of the period

· Normalization of Leq on time for the comparison of different situations

· The role of the statistical analysis for the determination of the climate of noise

· Statistical analysis on Leq values ​​or rms

· The use of spectrum analysis and statistics for band 1/ 3 octave

· Mapping the territory for acoustic aspects

· Noise and Perception of Sound : An Introduction to Psycho acoustics

· Evaluation of environmental noise

· Predictive models for environmental noise

· Quality control of the product through vibrational analysis

· The monitoring of environmental noise

· Acoustic Parameters contained in the Italian regulations and the evolution of European stantdards

· From the measurement in single station noise mapping of the territory

· The use of predictive models and their validation with experimental measurements

· The permanent noise monitoring networks

· The noise of transport infrastructure and shipbuilding

· The determination of the sound energy emitted by vehicles ,

· The contribution of road pavement to the sound level emitted ,

· The effectiveness of the barriers,

· Statistics on road traffic noise ;

· Noise from rail traffic : The identification of the convoys and the assessment of the actual disturbance

· The calculation of the emission level Laeq , TR

· The airport noise : INM code and its application in forecasting models

· The identification of the aircraft , the assessment of the actual disorder and the proper measure of the LVA

· Kurtosis  statistical indicator for monitoring vibration of bearings

· The vibrational spectra multiple concatenated analysis of machinery

· The defects of bearings

· The measuring instruments for the determination of levels of exposure

· The reliability and errors in the measurement of environmental noise

· Components Tone and Pulse Features

· The objective definition of the disorder subjective

· The disturbance to the community : prediction , measurement, actions

· Training Course on FIAT dynamic balancing of aeronautical turbines 

· Vibrational Analysis and diagnosis of faults in rotating machinery 

· Acoustic measurements in construction

· Analysis and Fourier spectra of vibration signals  Univ 2002

· Analysis of the vibro acoustic signals and applications  Univ 2002

· Systems of measurement and analysis  Univ 2002

· Introduction to dynamics and structural  Univ 2002

· Correlation mechanical vibration  Noise emitted  Univ 2002

· Vibroacoustic modeling with the Statistical Energy Analysis SEA  Univ 2002

· Pictures scores obtained with the technique of acoustic holography  Univ 2002

· SEA modeling of a vehicle for the transmission of sound by air  Univ 2002

· Modeling SEA low frequency of the stern of a cruise ship



Industrial and Environmental Engineering

Padova – Via A. De Zigno, 5

Tel +39 049 8716177 / Mob +39 3356376114

Qualified Expert in Acoustics – Sound – Vibration Level 3 by CICPND – ACCREDIA for the sectors: Acoustic Measurements – Environmental Treatment and Soundproofing – Measures accelerometer – Vibration Isolation. Acoustics engineer competent in the Veneto Region  Italy-


Chairman of the Company Vibro-Acoustic Ltd.

Vice-President of the Commission Acoustics UNI – Italian Organization for Standardization 2001-2013

Founding member ASSOACUSTICI – Association of Specialists in Sound, Noise, Vibration.

President Assoacustici until March 25, 2005 – March 25 Vice President Assoacustici

Expert of the Veneto Region in noise and vibration since 1970 at the National Board dissolved Prevention of Accidents (ENPI).

Member of Italian Association of Acoustics (AIA)

Former Member of the Executive Council of the AIA Group’s Environmental Acoustics

Member of working group 2, 4, 5 UNI.

Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) – New York

Head of the Laboratory Noise and Vibration ARPAV (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Veneto), in the Padua office until 31/12/1999.



In 1970 in Monte Porzio Catone (Rome) course on noise and vibration at the ENPI, Professor Eng. Hector Azzaretto.

From 1971 to 1996, participating in over 20 training courses and refresher courses organized by the Society Bruel & Kjaer, Rion, Cel, Norsonic, Larson & Davies, 01dB.

Participation in the 1st half of 1981 in the Course of Specialization in “Engineering Acoustics”, organized by the College of Engineers of the Province of Padua, held by prof. Alberto Cavallini, Professor of Physics at the University of Padua.


AIA – Group of Environmental Acoustics – Member of the Board of Directors 1990-2007

UNI – Working Group 2 “Environmental noise” – from 30/09/88 to 12/12/89

UNI – Working Group 2 “Evaluation of noise in residential areas – Coordinator – 1992-1994

UNI – Working Group 4 “Noise of machines for processing marble and granite” – Coordinator since 1996

UNI – Working Group 15 “instrumental detection of low-frequency components and tonal components” – Coordinator 1996-1997

UNI – Working group GL 5/SC 1 “Acoustic classification of buildings” (UNI 11367)

AIA Italian Association of Acoustics – ROME Active Member since 1985

UNI Italian Organization for Standardization – Associate since 1985 and Vice Chairman since 1998

INCE Institute of Noise Control Engineering – NY 12603 USA Associate since 1986

Assoacustici – Founder and President from 25 March 2001 March 25, 2005

Member of the International Association of Engineers and Doctors of Science in Industrial


The dBA noise industrial remediation and prevention in the workplace – USL 16 Modena 14-15-16/2/1985

Extraction and processing of stone materials: Risks, pathology and prevention – Institute of Occupational Medicine – University of Siena Rapolano Terme 18-19/4/1985

Inter-Noise 86 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boston (USA) – 21-22-23/7/1986

XVI National Convention AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – Milan 28-29-30/03/1988

Inter-Noise 88 – CEI – Avignon (F) – 30-8/1/9-1988

Simple design methods of noise barriers – University of Bologna – 05/04/1987

Environment and Resources, University of Padova – Brixen (BZ) – 08/09/1989

Disco and Noise – Istituto Giordano – Bellaria – 05/05/1989

XVIII National Conference AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – L’Aquila – 18-19-20/4/90

Inter-Noise 90 – University of Gothenburg – Gothenburg (S) – 13-14-15/8/90

Noise and Vibration – 27 USL USL Bologna and Modena 16 – 20-21-22-23/11/90

XIX National Conference AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – Naples 10-11-12/4/91

Much Ado Act – CERIT – Pordenone 28/06/91

Noise and Environment – API Industry Treviso 03/07/91

Noise Abatement Territory – AIA GAA – Rome 10/31/91

Enterprise and USL in the face of two new laws on noise – AIA GAA Modena – 11/22/91

The Noise Pollution fourth – Assoacustici Milan 11/28/91

Measurement of Noise and Risk Assessment – University of Verona Verona 08/02/92

Noise in Urban Environment – 14th SEP Pollution Padua 29/3-2/4-1992

XX National Conference AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics Rome 8-10/4/92

Inter-Noise 92 – CEI – Toronto (CND) 20-22/7/92

Legislative Decree 277/91, a year after AIA – GAA – Modena 10/09/92

Training Course for Auditors pictures – CSP Padova 12/10/92

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Coll. Ing of Vicenza – Bassano del Grappa (VI) 02/26/93

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – College of Engineers of Vicenza – Schio (VI) 03/03/93

The equipment phonometric: Operational characteristics – Assoacustici Milan 3/13/93

XXI National Conference AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – Padova 31/3-2/4-1993

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Coll. Ing of Tuscany – Calenzano (FI) 20/5/93

Against Noise – We grant Tools – USL 26 Albino (BG) – 09/24/93

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Order of the Province of Mr. TN – Trento 11/25/93

Noise and Vibration: Certification of Machinery – AIA GAA – Modena 2-3/12/93

Zoning Hearing Territory – Politecnico di Milano – Milan 03.15.94

XXII National Conference AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – Lecce 13-14-15/4/94

Noise in Living and Working Environments – Health Units 8 Vicenza – Vicenza 18/05/94

Legislative Decree 626/94 – RegioneVeneto – Padova 03.18.95

Proposal for a procedure for noise measurements DPCM 01/03/91 – 04/27/95 CNR Rome

Noise Environments in School – University of Ferrara – Ferrara 05/10/95

Framework Law on Noise Pollution & C. srl Ing Coachmen Ascoli Piceno 12/13/95

Environmental Acoustics – Asst Engineers of the Province of Ravenna – RA 22/03/96

Sound and Vibration & Low Frequency Noise Meyvis Bergen op Zoom (NL) 22-24/4/96

XXIV National Conference AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics Trent 12-13-14/6/96

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Order of Ing Arch and the Province of AP and TE 03/09/97

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Order of Ing Arch and the Province of CH and PE 05/27/97

The competent technician … Assoacustici Milan 5/15/98

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Order of Ing Arch and the Province of Udine – 27/05/98

XXVI National Convention AIA AIA – Italian Association of Acoustics – Turin 28-29/5/98

Civil and Industrial Acoustics – Order of Ing Arch and the Province of L’Aquila 06/09/98

Determination of requirements of Passive Buildings For Ass. Of Ind. Prov. PD 10/07/1998

New provisions introduced by Legislative Decree no. 626/94 SPISAL – USL 16 Padova – Padova 10.21.98

Fire and Order of Acoustic Ing the Province of Rimini – Rimini 27/11/98

Critical reading of the decrees 14/11/97 Assoacustici Milan 02/12/1998

The project responsibilities – Conference Assoacustici Milan 2003

Speaker in the Conference “Function – Aesthetics – Security” organized in 12 Italian cities from 2004

Basic course on noise in building organized c / o College of Industrial Engineers in Udine – June 2005

From 1998 to 2013: No. 120 seminars in building acoustics throughout the country, in collaboration with professional associations of engineers, architects, valuers and surveyors.


1. P. Giacomin – Problems of reliability of the instrument when it is taken Leq exchange factor q = 5 for the evaluation of the absorbed dose-dBA noise industrial remediation and prevention in the workplace – Emilia Romagna / Modena USL 16

2. P. Giacomin – C. Pirona – Reclamation acoustics laboratories transformation of the stone-extraction and processing of stone materials: Risks, pathology and prevention – Monduzzi Editor, Proceedings of the National Conference

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28. P. Giacomin – The assessment of noise disturbance produced by technological systems – Conference “Determination of passive acoustic requirements of buildings” – Memories collected by the Association. Industrial Engineers of the Province of Padua

29. P. Giacomin – Fire and Acoustics – Principles of insulation and sound absorption – outlines rules – Memoirs of the Association of the Province of Rimini Eng


1. Inspection staff training course SPISAL – systems for the reclamation of noise [Mestre 01.14.89]

2. UIL Middle Management Training Course – Impact noise on buildings – rehabilitation and new materials [Padova 10.12.92]

3. Refresher course for technical staff of the Local Health Authority: The noise in the living environment and working [Vicenza 18/05/94]

4. Training: Zoning of the Territory Acoustics – Guidelines for the implementation of DPCM in municipal regulations [Politecnico di Milano 17/03/95]

5. Thesis Co in c / o University Institute of Architecture of Venice “Transportation Infrastructure and noise: application of a simulation model and intervention in the case of the ring road north-east of Padua [AA 1995/96 – Undergraduates Mossa and G. D. Riva]

6. Lecturer in Applied Acoustics Courses Coordination in the Veneto Region, Coordinator for the design and execution of the works referred to in Legislative Decree 494/96; 1997-2000 – 23 courses.

7. Thesis Co in c / o University Institute of Architecture of Venice “Design of an industrial settlement. Study the impact of noise. “[A.A. 2000/2001 – Undergraduates Guadagnin B. and V. Parolin]

8. Course in building acoustics at the Palace Convention Center Professions – Udine (2003)

9. # 3 courses acoustic basis for the achievement of the certification CIC-PND – Milan 2002-2003

10. Seminar of professional updating – CONI Matera (2004)

11. The training status of acoustic technician, over the years 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 in the provinces of Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso and Venice in collaboration with the Society and with the Essetiesse College of Industrial Engineers of Venice. Courses of 80 hours.


1. Zoning acoustics of the city of Padua

2. Measures 1300 urban noise (road and rail traffic, industrial noise)

3. Over 1000 measures for the assessment of the noise

4. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustics of the city of Vicenza

5. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustic Creazzo (Vi)

6. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustic Loreo (Ro)

7. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustic Rossano Veneto (VI)

8. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning Acoustic Country (TV)

9. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustic Resana (TV)

10. Collaborated in the definition of Zoning acoustic Pianiga (Ve)

Over 300 projects for noise gyms, classrooms, cinemas, theaters, etc..

More than 250 projects of land reclamation in the workplace and in the environment of life

More than 100 projects of passive acoustic insulation of buildings

More than 1000 measurements of passive sound isolation of buildings (insulation vertical walls and floors airborne noise; insulation sound insulation, facade insulation, insulation systems)