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Sound and Vibration


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Sound and Vibration

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Data Translation A/D Modules

DT-9837A is a dedicated board 4 channels x 4 units (16 channels) – 24-bit resolution, Delta-Sigma A/D converter per channel, IEPE or voltage inputs

Precise synchronization of 16 analog inputs, Tachometer input up to 105.4 kS/s sampling. Connects via USB.


  • 4 A/D Channels, 52.7 kHz sampling rate (simultaneous), 24 bit resolution
  • IEPE power (constant current)
  • Selectable AC/DC coupling
  • Input Range: 1 V or 10 V
  • 1 D/A channel, 24 bit continuous streaming
  • Hardware Triggering (TTL)
  • Tachometer Input Channel
  • USB interface (bus powered – no external power supply needed)
  • 500 Volt PC-Module isolation
  • Rugged steel case with BNC connectors

Two software packages are availble: VIBpoint Framework (included) by Data Translation or Spectraplus DT (specific version for DT boards).

An incredible low ratio Price/Performances, with superior analysis functions and very easy user interface; both for VibPoint as for Spectraplus software packages.

Econ Avant & Premax solutions

AVANT is a state-of-art integrated solution for applications of dynamic vibrat ion and noise signal analysis,environmental data reduction, acoustics, order tracking,and modal test. It is based on distributed processing architecture, and integrated up-to-date multi-DSP computation technology, low noise hardware design standard, vibration control algorithms and data transmission. USB 2.0 interface provides easy connection to PC plus high data transmission bandwidth. Data acquisition and realtime signal analysis are combined into an individual solution. The task of data acquisition and analytic computation are independent of PC, and use internal multi-DSP parallel computing technology. Thus the analysis result can be real-time, precise, and also complete.
AVANT is a powerful measurement and analysis tool, with 16 synchronized input channels and 4 signal source output s , i t meet s var ious tes t ing and analys i s requirements. For instance, comprehensive vibration and noise testing, machine condition monitoring, acoustic order analysis, intensity and power testing, turbine machine order analysis and micro structural modal analysis. AVANT also provides engineers with versatile modular software components, to help them get quick measurement results and generate report conveniently.

Premax creates a powerful and precise large-scale signal analysis platform with Gigabit Ethernet technology, flexibly combined with different types of embedded cards, support of signal input, wave source output and I/O modules, thus you can configure the hardware and software modules in accordance with needed applications. What’s more, facilitating QNX real-time platform and airborne DSP, Premax can achieve real-time analysis and various analysis functions. Multi-Premax chassis can be combined through I/O modules and Gigabit Ethernet to build a large scale measurement system up to 1024 channels, to acquire and transmit data synchronically. As results of reliability and expandability, Premax provides test and measurement, analysis and processing, condition monitoring and vibration test for the customers from aerospace, automotive, civil engineering and mechanical industry.

Potenza acustica ISO 374x

ultichannels Analyers

SA-02: from 4 to 32 channels

DT9837A from 4 to 16 channels

Econ Avant: from 4 to 32 channels

Econ Premax: up to 1024 channels

A world of Applications


Experimental and Operational Modal Analysis

Experimental Modal Analysis on Auto Brake Disk

Modal Test on Structure Parts of Ship Stern Shaft Bearings

Exprimental Modal Analysis of PCB by Base Excitation Method

Executing Modal Analysis on High Damping Structure

Vibration Test of Machine and Key Components

Vibration Measuring on the Headlight of Subway

Vibration Test on Hydro Generator Group

Equipment Condition Monitoring

Spindle Orbit and Beat Analysis,Bearing Test

Determination of the Rigidity and Natural Frequency

Acoustics Measurment and Analysis,Problem Diagnosis and Design Optimization

Acoustics Measurment and Analysis,Problem Diagnosis and Design Optimization

Ensure Optimal Design of Structure System

Diagnosis and Prediction of Structural System Failure

Ensure Reliability and Service Life of Structure System

Modal Test on Civil Foundation of Thermal Power Station

Analysis,Test and Verification of Houses,Bridges and Other Structural System

Vibration Transducer Calibration

Electro-dynamic Shaker Verification

Impact/Crash Test Bench Verification

Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis

Environmental Noise Test and Analysis

Package and Transport Reliability

Shock,Drop and Impact Reliability Testing

Vibration Reliability Testing and Vibration Level Testing