SCS 9002

Sound and Vibration

SCS 9002w - On Line Production Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The SCS 9002 system is designed to check the quality of the production line at 100%. The flexible architecture of this system allows its application to many different products, both for single components and complete assemblies. The system can be configured for vibrational and/or acoustic measurements.
The turn-key system consist in Hw and Sw ready to install and use upon specific customization, which can be performed by the user or by an SCS expert in Remote.


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SCS 9002w TH post processing

Electrical motors tick detection

Gearbox diagnostic

SCS 9002w - Main features

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The quality assurance technology based on acoustic and vibrational measurements is in many cases the ideal solution for the mechanical industry, in terms of reliability, flexibility, time and money saving. SCS, thanks to his significant experience in the quality assurance field, developed the SCS-9002W innovative system with a set of hardware and software components easily suitable for a wide range of quality assurance applications such as: air collectors, electrical motors, electrical household appliances, injectors, security belts, gearboxes, seats, turbine blades, gas valves, automotive devices, vibration absorbers.


Production faults classification

Each equipment is characterized by a specific set of possible production faults; so, many of them have a peculiar effect on the acoustic or vibrational behaviour; thus it is possible, on the basis of technical knowledge and/or statistical investigations, to identify and classify every fault in terms of the specific measurement characteristics. This approach transforms the quality assurance technology in a valuable design tool, because of the implicit capability to continuously increase a very useful database, for discovering the production weaknesses and take the right decisions for enhancing the production reliability.


One Touch operations

The traditional measurement techniques in the vibration and acoustic field, using FFT analysers, require specialized engineers in order to understand the methodologies and correctly use the instrumentation. A complete measurement stage passes through many steps, like hardware and software setups, data acquisition, analysis, and just an acoustician can maybe understand the results. The SCS-9002W innovative approach, thanks to its internal skill, is able to automatically execute all the required activities, with no human intervention; the One Touch philosophy is today a reality for the quality assurance field: each system is customized with the goal of the maximum simplicity. On a production line the system automatically executes all the quality assurance tasks, exchanging information with the PLC (Start test, Stop, Identification codes, Test result, etc.), transferring data through serial or parallel interfaces, checking the transducer positioning, and so on. Of course, the specialist or the supervisor, if necessary, can interact with the system for sophisticated investigations.



The foundation of quality assurance is the database: the SCS-9002W software provides a powerful database management, structured in three parts: Components Database: every component tipology must be characterised for the quality assurance needs; the system is able to automatically retrieve all the useful information (serial number, measurement points, tolerances, etc.) Measurements Database: the system allows the automatic, or on condition, data storing option; each data file (narrowband or 1/3 octave spectra for instance), has a header containing all the related information (S/N, test type, results, etc.). With a statistical approach it is then possible to continuously check the production behaviour, optimizing the quality assurance process. The minimization of the two possible quality assurance mistakes (accept faulty components or reject good components) is obtained enhancing the statistical confidence, thanks to the increasing of the database size. Defects Database: if active, the defects classification allows, as additional result of the quality assurance process, the creation of a precious database, both for the production line supervisor.

Brakes vibration

Wide range of mathematical and spectral functions

n the quality assurance field, no unique algorithms can be defined, in order to extract from raw data the right information, really useful for discriminating good and faulty components; only a case by case approach, based on experience and experimental tests, can provide the best measurement type and the best calculation. For example, if bearings faults are interesting, envelope analysis can be suggested, for rotating equipment, tracking filters can easily extract synchronous components, transient or impulse vibrations can be investigated with Wigner-Ville algorithm, etc. The SCS-9002W software has a large library of mathematical, statistical and signal processing functions: FFT based analysis, like Power Spectra, Cross-spectra, Transfer Functions, etc. Order tracking and harmonic post-processing. Cepstrum analysis. Octave analysis (full, 1/3, 1/12, ect.). Wigner-Ville analysis.

Electrical Seat

The SCS 9002 time history processing: a software companion to SCS 9002 QC

Implementing a Quality Control on a production line requires a preliminary investigation for defining control procedures and algorithms, this important task preludes to the efficiency of the QC and it has to be conducted with a certain skill and knowledge. SCS has developed a specific software tool as a companion for the SCS 9002 QC, to help customers finding by themselves the alghoritms or to be able to change them as the produced objects are varying. A comprehensive application for Time History Recordings and Post-processing as a tool of the SCS9002 Quality Control package; also available as an independent application for general purpose acoustic and vibration investigations, NVH studies, structural and rotating machinery analysis. The recorded time histories can be processed for extracting time, frequency, or RPM related information’s. A “two layer” user interface architecture makes the software very easy to use. Multiple time history processing, multiple data recall and display, playback and filtering, RPM extraction utilities, data import/export are available and extremely useful tools.


The SCS 9002 (proprietary) detection methods and alghoritms

ARABESQUE for squeack & rattle.
A unique methodology for Squeack & Rattle detection in a complete system including: anechoic chamber, electrodynamic shaker with vibration controller, acoustic and vibration data acquisition system, SCS 9002 QC hardware and software -BAROQUE for gear box order tracking.
This SCS 9002 implementation works with gearbox test bench automatic controller, and checks for shift stroke, run-up and run-down, and rattling phenomena -SONATE for turbine blades and brake pads Product samples are excited with a ballistic hammer (special SCS development) and resonance frequencies are tracked down for modal parameters comparison -RUMBA for power windows motor
A unique combination of alghoritms in both time and frequency domain -TANGO for household appliances It works mainly with 1/3 and 1/n octave cpb, in real time up to 25 kHz; on top of QC control it performs acoustic power, pure tones extraction, time history tracing, etc. -TEMPO for dumping actuators for detecting “very small” defects with impulse characteristic, without constant repetition. It can also detect modulation effects.

Cooling fan

Door motor

Windows motor


Production Line manager information Panel

Order tracking analysis and diagnostic