SCS 9003

Sound and Vibration

SCS 9003 - Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems designed to accomodate any commercially available SLM or RTA with/out PC or PDA. Several options available for power supply and data transmission, fully customized for individual needs.

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Noise Monitoring WEB data services

Noise data colleciton in a distributed Noise Monitor System might become a time consuming task when each single station has to be visited periodically for downloading data. On the other hand, traditional modem connection can be rather expensive as it is using “normal” telephone lines or GSM/GPRS wireless network.

The most efficient way to receive data is then to use a WEB connection through ADSL or GPRS in a so called “Flat” subscription contract with local network provider. Each type of SCS 9003 Noise Monitoring Station can be equipped with WEB connection disregarding the measuring instruments type and trade mark. Actually, every SLM or RTA available on the market has some sort of RS232, USB or other kind of data port so, inside the SCS 9003 box there is a data transmission unit able to connect to Internet and trasnfer data to a central WEB SERVER using secure connection. Data stored in the WEB SERVER can than be accessed on demand from CLIENTS which can use information for noise analysis, statistics, publishing, noise control, or real time mapping.

Main characteristics of the system

• Mobile laboratories for noise monitoring 
• Universal external noise monitoring station 
• Easy to use and reliable 
• Can accomodates simple SLM as well as RTA 
• Mains, batteries, solar cells power supply 
• Internal micro controller. PDA or standard PC 
• Radio modem, GSM modem, ISDN connection, ADSL or GPRS Web connections 
• Wide choice of accessories and possible configuration 
• All weather protection systems, G.R.A.S. external microphones
• SCS-9003Win: Windows software data transfer


Noise monitoring close refinery (Infineum)