Sound and Vibration

This is the test rig for the measurement of the acoustic properties of two-port elements. We offer 3 standard inner diameter sizes of 25, 50, and 100 mm. Other pipe sizes are available upon request. The rig can handle flow up to 100 m/s and air temperature up to 100oC. It can be further modified for higher flows, higher temperatures, and specific gases. All components are laser cut and high precision welded.

SIDLAB Rig solution consists of:

Measurement pipes, made of galvanized Steel.
Microphone holders, made of anodized Aluminum Alloy, designed for ¼ inch microphones.
One Amplifier and Seven loudspeakers, high power and metallic diaphragm.
Two absorptive mufflers, one on each end of the rig, to reduce reflections and increase measurement quality.
Necessary adaptors for the connections to the test objects that can be of different sizes.
Calibration unit, made of anodized Aluminum Alloy, used for the relative calibration of the six microphones at the same time. Accurate and saves time.
Supports, either table support or floor support of Bosch Rexroth sections.
Packaging box, made of plywood, for transportation. The box is equipped with custom designed internal structure for secure fastening of the test rig components.
Optional add-on: Centrifugal fan to provide the flow, and a frequency inverter to change the fan speed.