Sound and Vibration

Optical Measurement Systems (“OMS”)

Simulation software for acoustic propagation in ducts fluids which may include: Silencers, filters, ventilation channels, pneumatic machines, compressors, internal combustion engines, etc..

SidLab is dveloped in MatLab and it is approved as Third Parties product from Mathwork.
​Sidlab(R) is Registerd Trade Mark of Elnady Engineering & Agencies, and partially financed Research, Development & Innovation Programme – Cairo – Egypt

SIDLAB is offered in modules and as a Test Rig device

SIDLAB Acoustic


SIDLAB Measurements

SIDLAB Acquisition


Prediction Software for the
acoustic properties of multilayers of materials and for intrionsic properties

Matelys softwares modules can excahnge data with SCS902A software suite for Material Testing




SCS-902A suite represent the SCS offer for Material Testing of poro-acoustic and poro-elastic properties. SCS90-AT: Impedance tube applications for absorption, reflection, impedance, Transfer Impedance, TL, Modal Density, Bulk Modulus, etc.
SCS90-MA: Transmission loss TL of silencers, muflers, air.filter, etc.
SCS00-TPA: Transfer Path Analysis software. Able to import UFF (other format on request) data from virtually any RT Analyzer market available, and performe Operational TPA given a set of experimental Sources and Receivers data.

Test and Simulation Softwares developed by SCS and/or Third Parties, ditributed by Vibro-Acoustic