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Verification and Certification of Sound Level Meters and Real Time Analyzers, Microphones, Preamplifiers, Calibrators, Vibration transducers Material Testing devices: Kundt systems, Oberst and SAE devices, Flow-Resistance, Tortuosity, Bulk Modulus, Small Reverberant Room Noise and Vibration Monitoring Systems with WEB connection Acoustic Power and Sound Insulation in Acoustic rooms Pass-by noise and cabin noise test system for autovehicles


Automakers typical applications for cabin noise, engines airborne emission, engine mount filtering, air inlet noise, exhaust noise efficiency and elastic suspension, air-climatic noise, electrical motors, mechanical transmissions, Auto, Trucks, Buses, Motorbike - Pass-by Noise test according to ISO 362 and option for simultaneous on-board sources identification, also tyre noise and indoor testing, Target setting feasibility and control, Anti-vibration mount performance, Acoustic pressure fluctuation on vehicles external surfaces, Sound Quality, Sound Perception, Gearbox and mechanical transmission measurements and diagnostic, Order Analysis and Tracking, Torsional vibration, Analysis of Transfer Path for Noise and Vibration Control


A wide range of standard and special Hardware devices like Transducers, Conditioners, Cables and accessories, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Analysis Software, Systems integration for specific applications Data logger, Portable S&V measurement devices, Recorders, Fron-end Laser doppler velocimeter, Vibration exciters, Tachometer units