Train and Railways

Sound and Vibration

  • Modal Analysis of New High-Speed Train Zefiro (Bombardier) to verify FEM Eigenvectors calculation – G.Amadasi
  • Sound emission high- speed train tunnel entrance G.Amadasi
  • Noise reduction of transit vehicles Metropolitana Milanese – G.Amadasi
  • Investigation on the correlation between the noise and the pavement of a city tram – SCS-Euroacoustic
  • ALSTOM: Collaborations with ALSTOM Group (Italy / France) for problems of noise and vibration of high-speed trains and trams in urban areas for diagnostics and solutions cabin noise and external noise – SCS-Euroacoustic
  • Structural damage tracks (railways Suzzara, ATM Turin, FS)
  • Study of environmental noise impact due to city-tunnel (FS)