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Sound and Vibration

Optical Measurement Systems (“OMS”)

OMS is a provider of innovative laser-based instruments and solutions for measuring vibration and motion. Products from OMS provide accuracy, precision, high sensitivity, and flexibility, while being cost-effective and extremely easy-to-use. OMS also provides measurement services, product rentals, and customized data acquisition and software solutions for its customers.

OMS is a spin-off company from MetroLaser that brings a dedicated focus to commercial products to add to MetroLaser’s twenty-five years of R&D expertise in laser-based diagnostics. This new company includes scientific and engineering personnel from MetroLaser, along with a worldwide marketing, support, and distribution network to meet customer demands in a variety of industries

OMS has developed innovative non-contact vibration measurement technologies that provide ultra-high measurement accuracy at affordable prices. OMS products have been field tested and are particularly valuable in applications where:
– mass loading caused by attaching an accelerometer cannot be tolerated;
– high-temperature measurement (e.g., hot steel or turbine engine components);
– non-contact measurement is needed to detect low amplitude vibrations;
– long-range measurement with high-accuracy is required;
– modal characteristic measurement is desired; and
– multiple points need to be measured simultaneously.

OMS laser Doppler vibrometers can be used in a variety of applications, including inspection, non-destructive testing and quality control of aircraft and automotive components (i.e., engines, composite structures, brakes, door panels, etc.), as well as for characterization of acoustic speakers and in biological research applications.

The OMS product line includes multiple sensors designed to provide measurement solutions to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries. The links above provide more information on each of these products.

New Family of OMS products

OMS LaserScan LS01 Scanning Vibrometer 
The OMS LaserScan LS01 Scanning Laser Vibrometer is a compact, portable, competitively priced, and easy-to-use precision instrument for whole field non-destructive testing and non-contact vibration measurement of any surface. The LaserScan LS01 uses the patented LaserPoint engine together with computer controlled scanning mirrors and a comprehensive software package to quickly produce vibration maps of any surface. The system is optimized for measuring distances from about half a meter to five meters, so there is no need for adjustments, lens accessories, or object treatment, thus ensuring the highest level of measurement accuracy.
The OMS LaserPoint LP01 Vibrometer is based on innovative laser diode technology that uses a self-mixing architecture with no external lenses and a minimal number of optical components. This results in an extremely robust and compact vibrometer that can function well in harsh environments.

OMS LaserPoint LP01 Laser Vibrometer 
The OMS LaserPoint LP01 Laser Vibrometer is an easy-to-use precision instrument for non-contact vibration measurement of any surface. The system can be instantly used by aiming the laser beam at a target at any distance up to five meters, without the need for any optical or mechanical adjustments. The system output is an analog voltage that is directly proportional to the target velocity, and can be easily viewed with an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or data acquisition system. The LaserPoint Laser Vibrometer includes two velocity ranges and an array of low pass filter options to optimize the quality of the output signal.



OMS – Products – Multibeam Vibrometer
Optical Measurement Systems is the world’s only commercial provider of a multi-beam laser vibrometer (MB-LDV). The MB-LDV is the only instrument capable of making non-contact velocity measurements at several locations simultaneously.
Since all points are measured at the same time, transient events can be accurately measured. In addition, the relative phase between measurement locations can be used to generate modal vibration patterns in a single shot. This capability is superior to single beam scanning methods and necessary when measuring temporally non-stationary responses during interrogation. Another significant advantage, when compared to single beam scanning methods, is the faster inspection time of the multi-beam LDV system

Applications examples:

Protection of Historical Buildings

Technical information of the LDV system OMS LS01 SLDV
proposed by OMS.

Multibeam laser for Landmine detection pat I

Multibeam laser for Landmine detection part II

Multibeam laser for Landmine detections: Speckle noise removal in Landmine detection