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IAS R&D (Italian Automotive Solution) is a Company established in Turin (Italy) and it has a well-defined mission: the Turk-key design in the terrestrial transport sector with a particular focus on the Automotive one.
IAS is supplier of Fiat, its corporate companies, Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari, Comau, Iveco, Renault, Audi, Citroen, Peugeot, Suzuki.
IAS is the ultimate fruit of three hyper skilled Companies, each one being present and active on its specific market since 30-40 years. In view of that IAS may offer to its customers a very sophisticated experience and a complete service which cover the following phases: 

• Change over from Idea to Style
• Design
• Engineering
• Prototype Development
• Road Testing execution in view of Homologation 

IAS may rely on about 320 people between Engineers, Physicists and Mechanical graduates.

Vehicle Components

The NVH study perform is SCS laboratories is also dedicated to check the acoustic vibration behaviour of the components, between which engine, transmission, seat, door, climatic system 

The activities on the components are manly:
• Noise of the accessories: pump, electric motor, etc
• Acoustic – vibration study of exhaust system
• Quality control of the components
• Sound power
• Transmission loss
• Sound quality
• Squeak & rattle
• Modal analysis
    · Computer simulation
    · Laboratory and in-situ testing 
    · Noise and vibration reduction 
• Design improvement


In SCS laboratories is possible to study all the acoustic characteristics of the materials:
construction materials
textile materials
synthetic materials 

The mainly activities are focus to determinate:
Plane wave absorption coefficient
Plane wave acoustic impedance
Damping Loss Factor using Oberst device – DIN standard 
Damping Loss Factor using SAE device – BS standard 
Flow resistance of Porous materials
Tortuosity parameter whit electrical impedence method
Elastic “Bulk” modulus of Porous materials
Insertion Loss
Acoustic insulation between reverberant room
Absorption coefficient in Small Reverberant room
Transmission Loss and Alpha coefficient using acoustic rooms
Material data base porting to most common simulation software: ESI, LMS, MSC, etc.


The NVH activities of SCS group is dedicated to a complete range of transport vehicle, mainly truck, train, airplane, boat, motorcycle. 

All the activities can be performed in SCS laboratory or in customer site. 

House Hold Appliances

Other important field where SCS technicians have deep knowledge and skills is in house hold appliance field. SCS can support the producers during the develop phase of the components, during the qualification and also to improve the quality of their products during the production period. 

• Sound Quality 
• Lw determination
• Modal analysis 
• Noise and vibration reduction 

Vibroacoutic Simulations

One department in SCS laboratory is completely dedicated to vibroacoustic simulation, using the most advanced software in this field, like AutoSEA. 

• Combination of FEM/BEM calculation
• Dynamic Acoustic model
• SEA model (Statistical Energy Analysis)